Séamas Ó Labhradha


Séamas Ó Labhradha

Im a Belfast based Artist but I often go on adventures far from home.  Oils are my favourite and I love both contemporary and old approaches to them.  I want the audience to feel like they are in the presence of actual flesh and blood when my art is viewed.  So the study of human anatomy and classical painting techniques are important to me. However I love to juxtapose this with abstraction, so I will build a figure up to a certain point of realism and then abstract something else in the same composition for contrast. A theme that often pops up in my work is violence and its psychological impact on its victims. My older paintings where conjured up from nightmares I had after my own encounters with violence.  But I would sometimes use these themes as an excuse just to paint the human body again because I am obsessed. I had worked as a scenic painter and prop maker on a few local TV shows and films before. But Loving Vincent unified those two great parts of my life, Painting and Film making, making it a dream project for me.

Working  on Loving Vincent felt like being an apprentice in an old school, painting studio, painting in the style of our master.  Only our master was Van Gogh.  In that way he truly was resurrected.


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